Strange deduplication


is it normal to have this behaviour with the page view event in the test ? could it be some error ?

Hi Freddy,

This looks like you’re sending an extra event from the server (or perhaps some other integration and/or plugin does that). Facebook is smart enough to attribute it to your initial web/server pair - that’s why it gets deduplicated.

What you want to look for is source of extra reporting, like I said, a lot of times these are plugins/legacy fbq code / old tags etc.

Hope this helps.


that source of extra reporting should come from the server container ?
I have an extra Pageview event coming from the server, this is all I have on the configuration:

I don’t have anything else reporting

Hi Freddy,

What trigger are you using for this event in the server container?

It looks like you are using the standard All pages. If so, it’s not very correct, because the FB tag is then triggered on all other queries as well (e.g. Universal Analytics or GA4 queries).

If you use e.g. GA4 to send data to the server, you need such a trigger:

The point is that you have to specify the client name on which the event will be triggered.

I use page view only to send data on the PageView event . I don’t use GA4.

on the browser container I have it set like this:

That’s right, you have a trigger with the Client name (for add_to_cart, begin_checkout e.t.c.) prescribed on the server container for all events except page_view.
For page_view, the client must be similarly prescribed. If Data Tag and Data Client are used, the trigger must be of the same type (it depends on how you have prescribed the client in the “Customers” tab of the server).

This is the trigger for view Item event

This is the trigger for the add to cart event

and this one is for begin check out

This is the trigger for the PageView

How do you suggest it should be ?

Please show me the “Clients” tab on the server container.
You need to write the client name from there so that the events are triggered correctly.

This is the Clients tab

Now, with All Pages trigger, your page view event is triggered by any request to the server. So it is triggered additionally for all other events - view content, add to cart etc.
You need to change the page view trigger by specifying the event page_view and I also recommend to add the Client name to each trigger. This way, if you will use further UA or GA4 requests - these events will not be triggered on other requests.

Oh I see, I thought I was doing ok since I set the trigger for some page views with the Event Name containing page_view


I have a doubt, where does this “collect?v=…” come from ?
I see them on the PREVIEW mode on the server container.

These come from your GA4 web tags.

you mean these tags on the browser container ?

Another question, I just test every CAPI event and is 100% ok, but here I’m having these"problem reports" , what is that about ?

please check these:

Thanks !

I checked your page. Yes I use the Unique Event ID template variable ( not the last version) and send it to the server container, but it appears like UNDEFINED, i remember that it used to appeared the value, but it doesn’t anymore

the value appears on DATA

Do you have any idea what could be the problem ?

I send it like this

The Unique event id may be undefined if you send it before the container loaded event in the web container. Try using a different trigger to send it, like page view - container loaded or page view - dom ready.

I already had it on DOM Ready to trigger, but why is that appears on EVENT DATA and not on variables ?

I changed this from POST to GET in the request type and now it finally appears the value of the event ID on VARIABLES

is it correct that change from POST to GET ?

Yes, you can change post to get, and in some cases it is necessary. It seems that this is your case:)
The latest version of Data Tag has an Auto option. I recommend to update Data Tag and Data Client to the latest version and also check with the Auto option.
If you have tags not from the gallery - the current versions are always available on Github: Stape · GitHub

Снимок экрана 2021-12-23 в 10.19.38

what are the differences between the latest version of Data Tag and the one I have ?
If I update to the latest version, should I set it in Auto option ?