Stape User ID to GA4

Hi all,

I’m trying to send the user id generated by stape to GA4 through server-side. When I check the incoming request on GTM preview, I see that X-Stape-User-Id is generated. However, when I look at the debug view on GA4, it is not possible to see this id. How can I be sure that it’s working? I also want to create a custom dimension on GA4 to see the data at user-id breakdown in explore reporting, is it possible?

I think you should manually retrieve the value of X-Stape-User-Id using native Request header variable and then add it to the GA4 tag payload.

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I tried this with a variable but still dont see it in debug view.

I have activated the power up, i see the user-id in der request to and so on. i added it in ga4 tag on event side and user side but nothing changed. i dont see it in debug view anyway

if you did everything correctly, user ID should be shown in a separate User Properties section on the right and as a separate activity in the events flow

Thanks yes i know, but that didnt happen. To be sure.

  • I activated the power up
  • I have the request header done and can see the value in the variable
  • I added in in server side gtm as event parameter

anything else?


Anything else to do? THanks!

Hi @Daniel-NF,

You should not place it as event parameter, it should be placed as a new row under User Properties.

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i added it two days ago and i can see it working in the debg view. But since i added stape_user id i cannot see transactrion ids in ga4 anymore. any idea what could be the reason for that since adding stape user id ?

Now everything is there.sorry. All working fine, thanks again for your help :slight_smile: