Stape Shopify Plugin checkout extensibility

I have a client using ‘checkout extensibility’ in Shopify which means that the normal checkout script can’t be placed but instead ‘customer events’ needs to be used. The pixel is sandboxed so can’t be tested with the normal GTM preview mode.

I’m using the Stape Server GTM Shopify plugin, on the second tab ‘datalayer’ there is an option to check the use of ‘checkout extensibility’ and a script that needs to be copied into the pixel.

Testing the purchase event, does not show the ‘purchase’ event in console tab in the dev tools. I do see all kinds of other events such as ‘checkout_started’ and ‘checkout_contact_info_submitted’.


  • Is the console tab the right tab to look at?
  • Is the script in the plugin enough or should I add additional parts?

I would recommend checking how your events work just based on network requests.
That is, you need to configure the events you need based on the data layer:
Publish these changes and see if network requests go out with your events.