Stape not sending purchase event in Shopify

Hi all,

I have set up Stape through the Shopify Stape app, and all events seem to work fine, including ‘add to cart’ and ‘begin checkout’, both in the web and server containers. However, whenever I try to make a purchase, the purchase event does not trigger as expected. The purchase_stape does not seem to be pushed. I’ve checked the configurations and scripts, but I can’t seem to pinpoint the issue. Has anyone else faced this problem, or does anyone have any insights on what might be causing this and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Strange, are you using Extensibility for the thank you page?

I am facing the same issue and reading this article ( I am quite sure the Checkout Extensibility upgrade is causing it. GTM is not loaded on the checkout pages anymore, and following the steps in their documentation (Shopify Help Center | Google Tag Manager custom pixel) didn’t work either. Maybe that’s because I am using the Custom Loader GTM code, I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve created a ticket for support in which I’ve asked them if and when the Stape app will be updated in regards to the Shopify update.

Thanks for sharing! When did this roll out?

It hasn’t been an issue for me before. I have setup a few Shopify shops without this issue.
But it is reassuring to know I’m not the only one struggling with Shopify, sounds like we’re in a similar situation.

If you receive any updates from the support team or find a workaround, could you please share it here? Likewise, I’ll keep you posted on any progress or solutions I come across. Thanks again!

No I do not believe so. It is not a Shopify plus store.

I just received a reply;

Our application does not currently support events for Checkout Extensibility.
This is due to the way the Pixel API is implemented in Shopify and the limitations due to this for HTTP cookies.
At the moment you can only add these events by custom method via customer events.

We are in the process of developing a solution to this. Unfortunately, I cannot say how soon this will happen.

In this regard, we also do not recommend using Extensibility for thank you page, as this will stop shopping events from working in the data layer.
The old thank you page format will be available until August 2025, so a solution that will work optimally with the Pixel API will definitely be developed and added before then.

Furthermore, I also found some similar topics in the Stape community. Solution for now is to revert back to checkout.liquid for both checkout as thank you pages. If the upgrade to Checkout extensibility is done automatically, you have to request Shopify support to do the revert for you. However, they cannot guarantee that this will be done.

Because of the way Shopify Extensibility is working (it uses a separate box, basically an iframe where scripts added via customer events are inserted) - you can use GTM there and it will work (whether you use the standard loader or not), but you won’t have GTM debug connected to it.

So it’s very hard to do debugging issues here. The only option is to publish the configuration you made and watch in the network how your requests actually go, with what payload, etc.
Unfortunately there isn’t and I don’t think there will be any good solution to this, unless Shopify will hear the complaints (of which there are quite a few) and change how the Pixel API and customer events work (or add an alternative way).
Actually setting up tracking for Extensibility just got a lot more complicated, but it’s still possible and it will work.

At the moment the Stape app for Shopify doesn’t support Extensibility, but we’re in the final stages of adding this + we plan to release some blog posts to help with setting up tracking in Shopify Extensibility.

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