Stape Multidomain Configuration

Hello, I wanted to share some thoughts on a multi-domain server side configuration.
I will be working on a $100/month business account.

I’d like to better understand the scenario with multi-domain: main domain ( and sub-domains ( /;
For these it is recommended to avoid a configuration like and and

Consider that each of these domains/subdomains receives many hits (they work a lot on seo and sem), is there a risk of saturating the capacity of the container stape or am I wrong?
The risk is that we are going to saturate the whole container server stape of the main domain precisely because it also collects hits from subdomains, or am I wrong?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Giovanni,

If all your pages are one top-level domain, then you don’t need multi-domain setup and only one subdomain would be required for the loader.

So if everything is on you just need as your transport and loader URL. You then can use just the one container pair (web + server) for all subdomains involved.



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Ok Dan,

that was clear, I read it from your blog post

My question is, why do you recommend this type of configuration for subdomains and main domains?
Are there any against indications or negative effects to setting up gtm containers and stape containers such as or

please remember that we send a lot of traffic, a lot of events and a lot of hits to the main domain and the related subdomains or

Giovanni, I’m not sure I understand the question.

Like I said, having both AND is redundant. Rather you would only need a single subdomain like and use it on both ‘landing’ and ‘shop’. The article you linked describes different top level domains, namely regional sites like .dk / .uk / .fr etc.

The amount of traffic does not have a direct relation to amount of subdomains you use, not in this context at least. There are no negative effects to this, is there anything in particular that concerns you?

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thanks Dan,

my only concern is to saturate the “space” available in the stape container with the business plan, because we expect to receive a huge number of hits on the domain and subdomains

So I wonder, will the “space” available in the stape container with the business plan be sufficient to contain the hits on the main domain and at the same time the hits on the subdomains and

Giovanni, the ‘space’ you’re referring to is the amount of requests, on the 100 USD plan you get 5 mil hits per month. The answer to your question then depends on what traffic you actually estimate to have.

In any case, there are plans beyond ‘Business’ so if you ever grow out - you can bump your subscription to receive a bigger threshold.


Ok thanks Dan.

Another question about different top level domains, namely regional sites like .dk / .uk / .fr

I’m setting up .fr and .es but I’ve a couple of questions:

Is it correct to have the same A record for all of the ss custom domains?
So .fr , .es , … with same A record

I attach the settings in order to be more clear and understand if is there anything wrong :slight_smile:

Well, you can’t have them in one record, but all need to be pointed to the same IP, yes. The interface just shows you one as an example.

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Ok great, my concern was to have the same IP for different country domain for different record A

Hi Dan,

I need again your support :slight_smile:

I’m having troubles setting up the main and the subdomain:
I set up stape container just for the main domain (

I set up gtm server container with all the domains (main + subdomains)

I can see all the urls next to gtm preview button

But in preview mode, just the main domain is working.
All the subdomains are “impossible to reach” for the preview mode.

Everything is correct or not?
Do you have any suggestion to solve it?

Many thanks

You have only pointed one subdomain to the container instance on Stape ==> other domain you’re trying to preview are not served by anything.

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I Dan,
thanks for the reply!
you mean that there’s something wrong with the configuration of GTM server container or Stape server container?
Here both the actual configurations

Let me know please :slight_smile:

Hi Giovanni,

I see no faults in the new screenshots.