Stape Logs / Access Logs


when looking into Stape Logs / Access Logs and event type i only see ecommerce event view_item and purchase, but all others are listed with “other”, for example, view_item_list is listed with “other” but in details i can see event name “view_item_list”. Tags are firing and i can see the event in GA4 too.

Is that normal that i only see view_item and purchase, and all other ecommertce events with “other”?

With “logger tag” and looking into “Other logs” i can see view_item_list and so on in the event type column


For GA4 this is normal, because in access logs full data is available only for GA4 requests that are sent via GET. In case of POST (GA4 automatically chooses the method, you cannot influence it) full data is not available in logs.