GTM SS vs Custom Code (only webhooks)

What are the benefits of using Stape GTM SS vs Custom Code? Our most important events are the Purchase events and these Purchases occur in websites that we don’t have access to (to place a JS pixel). So in order for us to fire the Purchase event, we need to send a webhook with the data of the event to the GTM SS.

So overall, we would need to do some coding to send the webhook with the data in the body request.

So what are the benefits of using Stape GTM SS vs Custom Code in this scenario?

The main benefit I can think of is that Stape maintains “Tag Templates” with the different services and that we wouldn’t need to code & maintain these implementations, as Stape does that for us.

But we still would need to map the data from the webhook to the data of the tag template in the GTM SS.

So other than this API integration + maintenance, how Stape can be better than custom coding the implementation? Is there something I’m missing?

I feel like where Stape is really powerful is if you’re using GTM Web + GTM SS, but if we only use GTM SS…not sure about it.

If you have the resource and know-how for custom code and it’s maintenance - well then sure, you might not need a whole new middleware just to send essentially same kinds of requests.

sGTM in such scenario is beneficial if you want to concentrate everything in one place (which among other things is accessible not only to developers) or maybe run different destinations off of a single webhook. It is also the case that a lof of people use standard CMS and therefore stanard webhook, w/o ability to add custom code on the backend.

There’s no technical ‘better’ if we’re taking pure s2s context, it’s more a matter of convenience and a choice depending on your circumstance and objectives

Which approach is better in this case? I have a split funnel where Page View and Lead events can be tracked in my own properties (can insert JS tag) and the Purchase event is tracked in a 3rd party property.

Should I only set up server side tracking for all the funnel events via webhooks?

Or should I set up web GTM for PageView and Lead (plus configuring server GTM from there > Data Tag to Data Client) and then use the webhook for the Purchase event?

Can all the parameters collected by web GTM be collected by server GTM in the same conditions?

I would resort to webhooks only if necessary. Everything you can track on the web is easier to track on the web (meaning web GTM → sGTM).

Can all the parameters collected by web GTM be collected by server GTM in the same conditions?

if your incoming request send those, then sure

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I would need to only rely on webhooks, and therefore, only sGTM, because I am using 301 redirects where I need to send events on the redirect, and therefore no client side code can be loaded.

@Dan any recommended Wordpress plugin to send webhooks calls to the Server Container URL? I was checking this one: WP Webhooks, but maybe you know a better one.

Depends on what events you want, our own plugin for instance can send purchase/refund webhooks.

but overall any generic thing that can send desired events with good enough payload will do

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Ok, gotcha! I would probably need to do some custom coding then.