configuration with KeyCDN

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we need to configure to use the own CDN of our client. We have only found instructions for CloudFlareCDN

But our client is using KeyCDN.

Is there a way to configure for KeyCDN? Do you have any instructions or features here?

I hope that this thread is still fitting to the category “Stape feature request”. But I haven’t found a category that fits better to this topic.

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whichever CDN you end up using, the idea is you need to point to that subdomain to Stape IP listed in your container, you can infer general concepts from the Cloudflare example.

we can’t cover all of the specific of CDN providers out there (in terms of instructions) but there shouldn’t be any limitations for you to use KeyCDN

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Hi Dan,

thank you for your fast reply.

That means that we can basically use the how-to article on

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@Melvin pretty much, yes, Stape involvement in the matter is to properly validate that domain passes through the hits, everything else is to be done on CDN provider side.

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Ok, thank you very much, Dan!