Stape Custom Loader Power Up

I am attempting to configure the custom loader power up.

I followed the instructions, I can see the container loading, but the GA4 tags don’t send any requests to the server endpoint.

I am using a custom tag template to load gtag (for more flexible implementation needs). Is this possibly why? It’s hard to tell what Stape might be doing when proxying the gtag.js file (I assume there’s some sort of find/replace to also force the normal gtag.js scripts to load via a custom loader as well.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

When custom loader is active, Stape will also change the path to send GA4 request instead of the ‘collect’ pattern. This is necessary for protection against adblockers.
If you are using something custom here, maybe it conflicts somehow.
Have you checked the network with your GA4 measurement id filter to see the requests?

Yeah I also tried that as well. Seems like nothing related to GA4 is functioning once I switch to the custom loader.

[edit] - It might be because my custom GA4 tag template doesn’t have my sgtm hostname set under the injects scripts permissions. Gonna give that a shot and see if I see things work as intended.

[edit 2] - Yep… that was it!

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