Stape & Affiliate Marketing Model

Is anyone here using for the affiliate marketing model? I see most people use with their own websites / funnels, like Shopify, Wordpress, Magento and so on. These type of flows are simple because all the events happen in a property you own and all the events can easily be tracked (via JS / Browser & via Server). Plus usually only one main domain is involved in this kind of setup.

But I was wondering if there is anyone here using Stape with the affiliate marketing model, where conversions (Purchases / Leads / Calls) happen in third party websites, where you need to merge your own data with 3rd party data, where you can’t place pixel code in 3rd party websites, where redirects 301 take place, where multiple domains are needed and so on…

This is a more complex setup, so not sure if anyone has already deployed something like this. If so, I would love to have a chat with this person to exchange knowledge.

@AmericanPatriot saw your 2 posts on your blog - I see you documented the events that happen on your landing page - But what about the most important event, which is the Purchase / Conversion event - Have you thought about this?