Some Server events are not visible on facebook

server sside tag fired, and everything seems ffine, just no server side events are visible on facebook. Only browser ones. why?

Did you setup any events at your server side tags with proper triggers? From your screenshot, it shows no such tags are fired. You can share some of your event settings by showing screenshots of your relevant tags here.

Actually now I have another problem. As you see server-side events are visible here, but I can’t add purchase event. I tried adding this from request path trigger because I can see the event name of the purchase vent) but it doesn’t show here.

How can I add this event so it will be visible in facebook as server event, without adding event name equals trigger?

Did you try with page_location contains /checkout/oder-received/

In my experience, triggering PageView for specific location is somewhat tricky to get triggered.

I can’t do it otherwise because I can’t even see event name to put it as trigger, in variables section. Like even after purchase the last step I see in the right column is page view and not purchase.

Do you know, from server, you cannot expect same behavior as with Web Container or Browser. Server event would be like, when you hit purchase, it brings you to a Thank You page, and that you can identify as a Purchase event.