Should I add both Google Ads Conversion and GA event tags?


I just wanna implement a simple configuration of the SGTM tracking for Google Ads and GA4, tracking lead generation and traffic. No ecommerce.

I have little knowledge about server-side techs and please excuse me for any ignorant questions.

  1. The Conversion Linker should be put in the Web container or the Server container? (The tutorial put it in the Server container. However I didn’t manage to get it work and people say I should put it in the Web container. Confused!)

  2. Should I track Ads conversion and GA4 event at the same time? I’ve had it worked placing Conversion Linker and Conversion (form submission) tags in the Web container. However, GA4 is not getting any data at all. So I added GA4 event (form submission) to the Web container too.
    Is it a duplication? Would it affect performance of the website? What are the best practices?


  1. If you are about to use server tags for Google Ads Conversion tracking - Conversion Linker should be on a server container.

  2. Yes, GA4 event and Ads conversion tracking might be fired on the same event. But with server side tracking those will be different triggers. Most likely you’ll fire GA4 tag on all events claimed by GA4 client, and Conversion tracking - on a conversion event claimed by GA4 client. Thus the event is the same, but triggers will be different.
    Generally for GA4 you are building all your tracking in the web container, and route all the events towards server container. You might learn more about how to set up GA4 in our blog post.