Shopify Webhooks, how do they work?


I know this might sound like a stupid question, but how does this screen work?

I mean…app will send webhooks to the URL you specify, not sure what’s the ask here :slight_smile:

Hey @Dan

Sorry I know super basic question.

I set this up, but i cant see the events in my log, so not sure if I have set them up correctly or they dont go into logs?

@Chris_Bradley You need to enable the Power-up of “sGTM Preview header config” in order to see the request in the Preview Tab. Here’s more info: Use server GTM preview header to see all incoming requests - Stape - You need to also use the “Data Client” to receive the data from the webhook. Remember to add the /data path (for example), to your server container URL.

Legend, I think this is the part I have been missing. cheers.