Shopify Stape Plugin

With all Shopify versions except of the Plus I have the issue of being unable to send purchase-related events (view_item, add_to_cart, begin_checkout) to GTM/GA4.

The workaround is to use the Shopify Google app to activate eCommerce reporting in GA4, but combining that with separate ‘order status’ page tracking creates duplications.

I have implemented the Stape plugin, but I don’t see these ‘event’ such as view_item, add_to_cart and begin_checktout are send to GTM, is that correct?

  • did you activate the Stape app?
  • if so, can we have an example URL where it doesn’t work?

thanks Dan

Go to Sales Channels → Online Store → Customize and make sure app is enabled as seen on the screen below. Shop in question doesn’t seem to have it activated because there isn’t even GTM loaded

The button was activated but I had to click on save in the right corner, working now, thanks!

Thanks @Dan for the solution.

This should be added to the Shopify SST installation walkthrough: How to use the stape app for setting up Shopify server-side tagging (Stape team?)

So if the Stape app works ok and is correctly configured, it adds a dataLayer for events, that can be sent to sGTM from web GTM, correct? No need to set anything extra for purchase, begin_checkout or add_to_cart events ? No need to create a sandboxed custom pixel? Shopify Help Center | Google Tag Manager custom pixel

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@vekman correct in principle

if the store in question uses one-page-checkout (so checkout.liquid is inaccessible), then you might want sandboxed custom pixel for begin_checkout, add_payment, add_shipping events. In such a case those won’t be supported by the app

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Thanks @Dan , much appreciated :pray:

@vekman to add some more to previous answer, Stape will be releasing pixel_api support in our app too, don’t know the exact date yet, but stay tuned :slight_smile: