Shopify + Stape + GTM couple of questions

We are using Shopify.
I installed CAPI by using Stape with GTM containers for web and server. I followed pretty much rerunned the tutorial videos on and on.

  1. My goal is not to use the damn Facebook app on shopify, so i skipped it, is it possible, can i rely that manual really works?
  2. I have CAPI gateway from last year still running on Stape, can i turn in off, delete it, as there are the two GTM containers.
    3)I was not able to find how to set up the triggers for the tags. It seems that the triggers does not “trigger”.

If someone could help me out a bit, really appreciate it.


I haven’t run the Stape fb-capi-gateway, so really cant talk to it, but assume you could just remove it if you aren’t using it anymore.

There are multiple ways to setup a GTMw>GTMs container, and it kind of fits you needs (and wants) and use case.

But, the way I run it is:

Stape Shopify App > GTMw* > GTMs > CAPI's**

*GTMw as a consent layer that stops the event from firing to GTMs until consent is received (or implied depending on the region).
**CAPI is meta/google/tiktok/pinterest/etc
*** No facebook app needed for tracking, although i do use it for now to load products in (as Im lazy)

That “i run it…” Which i would have been getting it earlier on. I check the settings.

Clear, about clear :wink:

Thank u Chris!