Shopify Server-side GTM App - Data Layer


I have been playing around with Shopify and stumbled upon Stape’s Shopify App for server-side GTM. It also has the option to include ecommerce data layer that I have enabled.

The problem is, that it doesn’t seem to add the data layer at all. Here I have already added 2 products to cart, but there’s no data layer for this. No events, no other objects containing product data:

Is this still in development or is it deprecated?

I have been manually inserting a data layer code so far, but this would be awesome if it would work. If I can help in any way to get this working I’m happy to share the code I’m using to implement data layer on Shopify. It would probably need some revision though.

Thanks for the answers,



@Gasper_Cerar I think it only works once the Stape event is there, normally you would see something like add_to_cart_stape, if you click on the event you would say the data layer. But in some Shopify templates or versions these events are not always coming trough

Hi @Michel_Brok,

It’s true I was looking at the wrong event for data layer, but there are no other ecommerce events sent through like view_item, add_to_cart, etc, that’s why I was wondering if the data layer isn’t implemented and no events are actually pushed into data layer.

@Gasper_Cerar make sure app is active, go to Theme->Customize->Apps and make sure the app is on:

Hi, Dan,

The App is on, and there’s still no DataLayer