Shopify Plus checkout and purchase setup


After watching this video it explains how to use universal GA (method what we are using) and GTM server to create events for page view, view content & add to cart. Great.

I’m on Shopify Plus though. Not sure if we need to grab more data layers and build triggers in GTM for the initiate checkout, add payment info and purchase (confirmation) pages also?

Thanks very much

Hello Dominic,

Our guide for Shopify was created using Shopify’s basic store; that is why we didn’t include instructions on setting up FB CAPI for events that occur on any step of the checkout process.

However, Shopify Plus users can access GTM on the checkout pages, meaning you can set up Facebook conversion API on any checkout step.

Hi Ira,

What do we need to do for checkout and purchase pages? In the video you added a data later to theme.liquid. Do we need to add another data layer on checkout and purchase pages or adjust GTM to capture checkout and purchase events?

There are several approaches on how to send data from the checkout and purchase pages:

  • using data layer
  • scrape parameters from the webpages using CSS selectors or custom javascript variables
  • use webhooks

We have multiple discussions in the community about the data layer on the checkout