Shopify Plugin - Upsells & Webhooks

Hi guys couple of quick questions on the Shopify plugin…

  1. Does it support the tracking of post purchase upsells as mentioned in this guide? Will it make the necessary changes to code to track them?
  1. When sending a test Webhook I press the button but nothing seems to happen (no message, button doesn’t change).

Is there a way to verify the webhook has been sent to Shopify from the app?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Hey Alan,

No, as far as I know no Shopify or inetgrations apps work properly with sending events on upsell pages. So it should only be configured manually, for example as it is written in the article you are referring to.

To get a webhook to the server container you need to run preview and activate HTTP header power-up. Here is how to debug webhook requests: Debug incoming webhooks in Google Tag Manager server preview - Stape