Shopify Native Integration + And Stape ss GTM tracking = Both togethert?

Hi community,

I’ve implemented the server-side GTM tagging, page view, view content and add to cart already works well.

I am wondering what your experience is with having the Shopify native integration parallel running, with the same pixel to the server-side tagging?

Good or bad?
The events seem to duplicate perfectly when I test it in the events manager.

This is bad.
FB deduplicates events in three parameters:

  • Event name
  • Event ID
  • fbp

Since Shopify integration and your setup will send different event id - very often these events will not deduplicate, meaning you will have overreporting.

In test mode you can de-duplicate them because of the same fbp, but it won’t work 100% of the time.

Hi @Alex,
Thanks for your quick reply!
It looks like the Event Id of the partner integration and the server-side setup is the same ?!


Have you, or do you know anyone who has ever successfully implemented sGTM with the same pixel and parallel running with the native Shopify integration?

Or am I just wasting my time trying to make this work? :sweat_smile: :joy:

Please let me know!

Hi Adrian,

In case event id’s are the same - you can do that and I’ve seen similar settings.

But to be honest this makes little sense, because even if you send more data for a user or a product with additional events from GTM - they won’t be taken into account by Facebook.
Facebook primarily counts the web event that came first, all further events are simply deduplicated and the data within them is not counted.


Through the native Shopify integration, we mostly receive no Events at all…
I hope we can receive them through the server, to fix this problem.

Hi Alex,

Here is a short walk through.

FB CAPI - sGTM Problem explained. - Watch Video
](Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software)

Screenshot 1: Parameters are received inside Facebook Event Manager :white_check_mark:

Screenshot 2: Server Side GTM reports “Event Data to FB Conversion API - Failed” :x:
Can we solve that issue?

Screenshot 3: Server Side GTM shows values as undefined :x:
Can we solve that issue?

Please let me know if you can help me to fix this!