Shopify events not sent to SS container

Hello guys, I’m setting up a transport_url to send events to our server-side domain ( check photo ),

but I don’t receive any events in the SS from Universal Analytics.

The GA4 is set up in GTM and sends data to the same URL, so don’t know where the problem is coming. Also, the request domain still remains the same (google-analytics) and not changing to a custom one. Please help me solve this issue!

Look like your transport url not seated correctly.

Can you please change ga create line to:

ga('create', 'UA-127204046-4', {allowLinker: true, name: 'ss', transportUrl: '' });

Hey Denis, thank you for your fast reply. I’ve changed the ga line on the one you’ve provided to me, but still don’t see any events coming in the server, and in the Network session, requests still have google-analytics as the request body domain.


Why don’t you try using the Google Analytics tag on the web container instead of custom js to send events through it to the server container?

Hey Denis, that’s what I’m doing now, but Google Analytics integration which is working with Shopify is much more precisely in tracking events and different products/customers info, so it would be much better if I catch those events on the server. But literally I don’t see any GA events coming in the GTM web or GTM server preview mode.