Shopify API vs sGTM

Hey there folks,

I’m relatively a nube in technical tracking setup so I wanted to ask a couple of questions on tracking my store better.

Right now my Shopify store is connected to Facebook via Facebook partner integration (API) natively. I’m wondering if I should connect via sGTM and CAPI too.

At the moment all tracking match on Facebook is at the GOOD mark.

How do you track guys?

Hey Karolis,

Serverside tagging has many advantages, which you can read about here Benefits of server-side tagging - Stape

For shopify stores, we have developed our own application that makes the initial setup easier.

You can also find a guide on how to set up Facebook conversion API for Shopify in this article, which also describes the benefits of setting up the Facebook CAPI Facebook conversion API for Shopify - Stape