sGTM - value: undefined? - sGTM doesn't show any values. Is that right?

Hi Community,

I followed this tutorial here to setup the FB CAPI for shopify:

It seems to work, as the events get deduplicated in the Event Manager, BUT when i check the Tag Details inside the sGTM container, all the values in customDataList are ‘undefined’?

Is that normal?

See screenshot of Client-Side GTM
and Server-Side GTM below.

here is the client side, to compare:

Hi Adrian,

No, there’s a problem.
It looks like you’re not correctly fetching event data from the server.
I assume you’re using Data Tag to send e.g. the product_id parameter and trying to fetch it as content_ids on the server.
You need to use the same names for the event data variables on the server as you use in Data Tag to get all the data correctly.