Server to Server Tagging

Hi, I’m looking to integrate GTM with my Stripe checkout. I have been trying to figure it out for the past week or so. I know there will be a bunch of cookies I need to pass since I’m doing the FB and Reddit CAPI. I was looking into stape-sgtm-nodejs and was left with a few questions as to how to get that implemented correctly those CAPIs and purchase events in general. Are there any examples or advice? I couldn’t find anyone actually using the library via github and google search.


If you are able to insert the code to your stripe checkout page - you may use the SDK instead of GTM if that is easier for you, but you are right, you still need to pass the necessary cookies to the page for the attribution to work properly. One of the options is to transfer them in the URL. With SDK, in the same way as with GTM, you can send events to your sGTM and from there send events to the platforms you are interested in (FB, Reddit etc.).

Hi Vlad,

Thank you very much for getting back to me. Is there an example of a real world usage of that library? The example on github is slightly short of that, not taking anything away from the library everything looks great!

Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh,

The library allows you to send requests towards any server endpoint. The server GTM is one of the options. For example, instead of creating a dataLayer push, you may send the data to sGTM avoiding setting up tracking in web GTM, thus saving yourself some time.