Server-Side Tracking for Bing Ads

I am currently setting up server-side tracking for Bing Ads using Stape. I have a few questions regarding the implementation process:

  1. What are the best practices for setting up server-side tracking for Bing Ads?
  2. Are there any specific configurations or settings I need to be aware of?
  3. How do I ensure that the tracking is accurate and captures all the necessary data?
  4. Are there any common issues or challenges I should watch out for during the setup?

Any guidance or advice from those who have experience with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

  1. there isn’t any, you report what conversions you need and trigger them when you need them
  2. no, not really
  3. basically by firing tags in preview mode and checking payload and/or response
  4. bear in mind that current server-side tracking for Microsoft utilises ‘Offline Conversions’ so for instance view-through attribution is not a thing
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