Server Side Tracking and Borlab Cookies Plugin

Hey, I am new here and trying to set up sever side tracking. Since I am in Europe I have to use Borlabs Cookie Plugin, this means every visitor of my side need to choose what cookies they accept. I have? to install my GTM over Borlabs Cookie so if the customer doesnt want to be tracked he just unaccept tracking and the GTM wont be fired and no data will be collected. Does it works the same way with server side tracking? I dont want to loose data. Thanks alot. Alex

For all marketing and analytics platforms cookies are important, so if your cookies are blocked and the user has opted out of tracking - you can’t use any events - no web, event or server events.
Although sites can often ignore this and send events regardless of consent - this is not a correct or legal solution

Thanks, Alex. The cookies are making this hard for marketer.