Server side tagging with Cookie Consent

For Server-Side Tagging, the GA tag has to be active and data will send through the server-side.
That means if users don’t allow the cookie consent, the tag will not be active, and the server-side will not active as well. my understanding is correct?

It depends on the settings inside the GTM WEB container. But you are right. If the GA tag is not fired and does not send any request before consent is granted, nothing will be sent to Google servers through Server GTM.

@Denis Thanks Denis, I have read many articles about server-side tagging, and those articles explain that server-side GTM will help to collect data when users reject cookie consent. What does this mean?
Because Server-side GTM depends on web tag and if users did not allow cookie consent web tag will not work according to GDPR law.

If your customer rejected consent, then that is it. You cannot send info about this user to any other company.

However, sGTM helps bypass ITP restrictions, and it can’t be blocked by adBlockers if you set up everything correctly.

OK, Thank you so much @Denis