Server-side Mailchimp tag

Hello there,
I have followed instructions from Server-side Mailchimp tag - Stape and in the end, Mailchimp responded with a message that “PUT” is not allowed, any advice?

Hello, can you please provide more detail? Which functionality in the tag did you try to use? Can you show your entire tag settings please? Looking at incoming Event Data would be helpful too.

Hello Den,
I am trying to update or create a contact in the mailing list. Here is a tag:

And here is the log from the server:

If you need more details please let me know.


as you can see from the email field, the value here should be an MD5 hash. Which I don’t think it is in your case. Moreover, if I read the Log’s correctly your email value is empty altogether.

Please share Variables and Event Data on the incoming request.

Hello Dan,
Here is the data tag with hashed email:

Can you show me event data and variable tabs in server container preview on incoming purchase event?

Hello Dan,

You are right email is undefined


I am not sure how to pass hashed email to the server via data client

I think that the problem is here, by instructions on how to configure the Data tag on the web server"add GTM Server Side URL and GTM Server Preview HTTP header" , however, I don’t have that option in the Data tag: