Server Events not receiving when ad blocker is on

Hi, I have been using stape for many of my clients. recently i tested conversion api by turning on the ad blocker in browser. My understanding is that the conversion api will work even if you have ad blocker turned on.

when i check the events testing tool, i don’t see any events receiving from the server. I have already turned on the server container preview mode. Any thoughts on this?



To bypass AdBlockers, especially Brave browser secure mode, you need to configure your sGTM properly.

Did you configure the custom loader and custom domain?
More info on how to bypass Adblockers

hi, thanks for the reply. I will try this. how do we do this when we have a wordpress website with GTM plugin? there is no option to modify the gtm code

you can try to use WP theme editor and add the GTM script directly to the source code.

that’s not what i require. i need to use GTM for datalayer setup

this didn’t work for me. i modified the gtm code and then the tracking was stopped at all

you can use GTM for WP plugin to generate data layer only. and add modified GTM script using WP theme editor

So what If I use GTM Server Side Wordpress Plugin. Would that plugin modify the GTM script or do I still need to use the WP Theme Editor plugin for the modified gtm script?