Server Events are delayed

Hi there,
i have set up the serverside tagging. At first it seems to work properly. Today i wanted to test the facebook capi tags. at first there where no events. after 3-4 minutes some events showed up in the debug mode (server). in client GTM all events where fired immediatly. Do you have any idea why the events show up so late in the debug view on the server? Its hard to work this way.


The fact that the server debug may have a delay in displaying events is normal (in fact they are instantaneous), but usually it is a delay of 10-30 seconds, but not 3-4 minutes.
Make sure that you actually send data to the server GTM every time a web tag fires. In the case of GA4, due to configuration errors, often many events can be sent directly to analytics instead of to the server container.
The easiest way to check this is simply in the browser network tab, check the analytics requests.

If all events are sent and you do see a delay of 3-4 minutes in the preview - it is definitely worth contacting support.