Server Container Issue

Is there anyone facing a problem with regards to the server container? I created the server container via stape i.e free version. I need it for Facebook conversion API, so I input conversion API access token, test event, and preview header as required in web and server container respectively. After 24 hours when I am testing the server event it doesn’t work. But when I see access token, test event ID, and preview header they are changed. So i always need to change it, it’s like 3-4 times I changed it.

What I think is it is because of the free version I am using, so if I purchase the plan maybe it shouldn’t happen again. Is that the reason? Urgent help needed


The access token always stay the same. If you generate a new one it will be different from the one used before.

The Test ID and Preview http header change from time to time, but you only need them for the test mode. It is easier to use them as variables, so you don’t have to change them in each tag, and you can just update Test ID and http header variables for testing purposes.

Thank you for your reponse. I am already using these through variables. But still the same issue


When you change the FB Test ID and HTTP Header to the actual one everything works, right?
If yes, then it is not an issue. This is how FB and GTM work, these parameters change periodically.