Sending Web > Server container: No HTTP Header Option

Hi - I’m following the steps here to send data from my web container to server container at /sending-data-from-google-tag-manager-web-container-to-the-server-container/ (I can only put two links in a post so this is just the page path)

I’m coming across two issues:

  1. The Stape Data Tag I installed does not have a “HTTP Header” option within it, so I cannot preview whether its working or not: CleanShot 2021-10-14 at 10.46.55 · CleanShot Cloud

  2. The User Data: Name fields get erased upon refreshing: CleanShot 2021-10-14 at 10.47.37 · CleanShot Cloud

Does anyone else have these issues, and how would I go about fixing them? Thank you!

Hi Mike.

Data Tag and Data Client have been recently updated, now the HTTP Header works automatically and there is no need to change it.

Thanks, @Alex and good to know. So – to confirm, should any event show up in the Server Side preview? I have it firing on any purchase, and have had the server preview pane open for a while (while purchases are being made) and [edit] have not received any messages.

Also, is the second issue a known bug or something that I can fix on my end somehow?

Thank you!!


If you don’t see any events on the server, the reason may be at least a few points:

  1. Is the transport url on the events in the web container correct?
  2. Is the Data Client template added to the server container and Data Client added to the clients section?
  3. Once a new client is added to the server container, it is mandatory to publish the container. Has this been done?

Hey @Alex - I figured it out! For anyone reading in the future – the “HTTP Header” option in the tutorial in no longer necessary (there is no field for it). Instead, as long as you are previewing both your web container and server container, they should communicate.

Regarding my second point in the original post, this is still a bug/issue. The “Name” and “Transform” fields become empty once the GTM page refreshes. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Facebook CAPI since the Stape FB template automatically hashes the data, but I can see it being an issue otherwise.

Hi @Mike_Mauer ,

Thank you, I think the article will be updated with the changes soon.

Yes, I also noticed the data disappearing after refresh, it appeared a couple of days ago. In fact all the data stays in the tag and works, but when view/edit does not display correctly.
It occurs not only in Data Tag, but also in other tags. As far as I know it’s related to the recent GTM update and should be fixed soon.