Send user data to Facebook CAPI

As required in FB CAPI I am trying to send at least one user_data to my FB Pixel. Specifically, I am sending the user email.

I decided to send data to the server container using server-side Universal Analytics (not the Data Tag and Data Client).
I’m using a custom dimension to send the user email address.

Everything is working perfectly (thanks to your inputs :slight_smile: ) and FB does receive the user_email correctly (I tested it and you can also see it in the image below):
However, I am still receiving the “warning signal” that I am not sending any user-data.


Do you have any idea why this is happening?

And is there any real advantage in sending multiple user data to FB, or one is enough? For GDPR reason I would like to send only the user data that I would collect anyway. I would like to avoid sending unnecessary data, unless there is a real benefit and it really improves the performances of my campaigns.
Your feedback would be very appreciated here :slight_smile:


That’s happening because you send email in custom data, but you need to send it in User data instead.

FB CAPI User Data

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You will get a better matching score depending on how much personal info you send to facebook. Matching score influences the Audience quality that you use in ad campaigns.

That’s why Facebook representatives recommend sending as much data as you can.

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