"Send to server" option is gone


I am following this guide for setting up Google Analytics in Tag Manager. The send to server is gone. I see in earlier topics that it was gone from the server side container (which makes sense for obvious reasons). But now its gone from the web container:

Is it because I need to create it directly in the server side container?

Hi Mads,
Google has recently replaced GA4 Configuration tag with Google Tag, now there is no such checkbox “Send to server container”, you need to add a parameter called ‘server_container_url’. You may learn more about this update in the following blog post: Google Tag, Configuration & Event Settings Variables in web GTM

Nothing has changed in regards to GA4 setup in server GTM container.

Hi Vlad,

Awesome. Thanks. It gets a little confusing when Google is changing things around and your interface is also changing :). Also, I dont get when we need to publish a container in web and server at the same time. As i understand it, we need to do both for analytics, but only add google ads to the server. Do you have a relevant guide for that?

Yes, if you are about to set up server side Google Ads Conversion tracking, these tags are only added to the server container and they rely on GA4 hits. You may learn more about it here: Server-side conversion tracking in Google Ads (Adwords) - Stape

Thanks. Ill check it out!