Send custom events from our server to stape

We want to send some custom events from our server to Stape/GTM-SS, therefore we can share this with other marketing platforns.

How we can manage that?

  • What is it the end-point/URL we should send the information?
  • What is the configuration of the JSON must be?
  • endpoint is anything you define so long as their is something in the container to claim that request
  • no requirements, a proper JSON would be parsed into Even Data

I suggest you read this through, should answer all your questions: Debug incoming webhooks in Google Tag Manager server preview - Stape

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hey @Dan, thanks for the reply.
I’m not familiar with this process, so one point is not clear to me. Step 5 in this article.

  • I have to create the webhook from my own in other product/tool
  • The webhook URL should be created with my stape server URL + path
  • We should send the information that we want in any JSON format for this webhook we created

That’s right?

  • yes
  • yes, default path for the Data Client is /data but you can add additional path for it to claim
  • JSON by default, you can also do form-url-encoded or XML with the help of our power-up (Check our XML to JSON power-up - Stape). So yeah, ideally JSON
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