Send Custom Dimensions to Facebook

Hi all,
I created a View Content FB server-side TAG in my server container using your premade template, choosing the override option

It is successfully sending a ViewContent event to my FB Pixel (as you can see below)

I want now to make a step further.
I want my event to send some custom dimensions.
In particular, I want to send a unique Post ID.

I am already successfully sending this Post ID to the server. In fact, I created a Universal Analytics TAG with the required variable (it is a DataLayer variable)

By checking the “Preview Mode”, I can see that the Post ID is correctly sent to the server with his unique value (as in the picture below)

How can I now send this parameter to my FB Pixel along with the ViewContent event?
Shall I change something in the FB server-side TAG below? Again I used the override option.

Thanks a lot!!!

PS: this community is awesome!

You need to create an event data variable on GTM SS that will contain Post ID.
And then pass it to Custom Data of the Facebook pixel.

Event Data Variable
Facebook Server Side tag

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