Same Origin domain problem! +2 Inconsistency on video!

Adding a custom Same Origin domain to the Google Tag Manager Server container.

By this video-article guide -

  1. GTM Preview don’t work and don’t show anything!
  2. Our domain. com/metrics/healthy - 404 Error
    BUT by SUBdomain sgtm.domain. com/metrics/healthy - OK

Code for Cloudflyer worker we use from your guide.

ERROR/Inconsistency ON YOUR VIDEO when the girl check Same Origin domain stape. video/metrics/healthy - it gives OK
BUT WHEN I RECHECK HER WAY NOW, it gives ERROR, you can see it by yourself:
Self Origin - stape. video/metrics/healthy - ERROR
By SUBdomain - sgtm.stape. video/metrics/healthy - OK

  1. Inside sGTM container we should write Same Origin domain, OR SUBdomain ??
    In Server container URLs.

  2. What domain we should write in container settings on custom domain, Same Origin OR Subdomain ??

Please respond point by point, no standard bullsh*t, value our time and yours!

p.s. A girl is expert, no doubt about it

To reduce the amount of bullshit you should give more description of what was done with providing screenshots - that way you can verify what was done and help find the bug.

What you described shows that you have a configuration issue on the CloudFlare side, make sure your proxying rules are not conflicting with each other.