Same data in basic setup and server side in Wordpress/wocom

Hi there, I have a problem with the data inside my Google Ads account. I set up the server side normally, and everything seems to be working fine (I mean, tags are firing normally, as well as everything else). Also, I set it up as a GA4 client. The problem is that the data is basically the same from the basic setup tracking and the server-side one. Is there any chance someone can point me in the right direction?

Why do you think there’s a problem somewhere? In the case of Google ADS - it works in a hybrid method, most of the hits actually sent from browser, so the difference between web conversions and server conversions may be minimal or it may not exist if you’re looking at a low number of conversions…
It also depends on how often your audience uses Adblockers.
You can notice a big difference when compared to importing conversions from GA4.