Response Tag Not Sending Data

I am attempting to send geo data back to my web container from my server container. I followed the steps from here Send dataLayer push from server GTM to web GTM - Stape

Here is the set up of the response tag

This is what I see on the web preview

I am not sure if it is related but I do not see any events or tags firing from the data client but I am pretty sure it is because the log seems to be showing activity.

you need to have this setting in Data Client for JSON Response to push data, otherwise you get standard DC response.

Correct. I followed that step in the documentation.

Hi @Frank_Pimentel

Well, ok JSON Response doesn’t push anything because it’s triggered on particular event, and that event in your case is never parsed (there’s only incoming requests, but not actual events). So this part will work as soon as we figure out what’s wrong with your DT/DC (another thread - need some time before I can provide suggestions).

I figured they were related. I will look for your response on the other thread. Thank you.