Request to Data Client on /_set_cookie

In the Stape server access logs I see requests to /_set_cookie that seem to be claimed by the data client. However, the data tags in the Web container are only firing under specific conditions and not as often as these requests are coming in.

What might be causes these requests?


It’s when your server-side tags fire fast enough to miss some information, mainly cookies, from the response. The browser needs to send an additional request to the server to get the cookies back.

Mostly with Google Ads tags.

Our interface shows that this is Data Client by mistake. We will fix this UI bug. Thanks for the question.

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Thanks, Denis!

Do these requests count towards the monthly quota?
And if so, how can I mitigate these requests? Because they seem to represent a significant number of requests.

Yes, Stape count any request to the server.

You can switch off some platforms that course the requests like gADS or some auto events of GA4. But I would recommend not doing this.