Request Headers variable for x-Geo-City getting distorted information

Hello guys.

I am having a problem with a Request Headers variable in server side GTM when i try to get Stapes power up x-Geo-City.

From the begining, i have created a Request Headers variable with X-GEO-City in the name field, for it to get the city that comes with the request by the power up that Stape provides.

But the variable is returning the name of the city with different information, mainly when it comes to accents in the letters, in Brazil we have a lot of cities with ã ó and others.

To identify it i have linked the container with a spreadsheet and the field that fills the cell is exactaly the request headers variable X-GEO-City

Here is an example:

We have the LOG in stape that shows that the citi is Francisco Beltrão and then the sheet that has the value of the request headers variable.

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 09.33.31

And that happens with other cities as well.

What i think that could be the problem is the variable itself, because the infos that fill the variable are all right.

Anyone with an idea?