Recommended toggles for Stape server side CAPI tag

Which checkboxes in the Facebook Conversion API Tag are recommended to toggle and why?

  1. “Generate _fbp cookie if it not exist” - when is this a good idea?

  2. “Use HttpOnly cookies” - why would one want to toggle this?

  3. “Enable Event Enhancement” - this seems like a no brainer and I have it toggled. But maybe there is a situation it would not be recommended

  4. “Use Optimistic Scenario” - when would this be a good idea?

  1. mostly always, it will only generate it if it’s missing
  2. no default reason, may be needed for specfic cases. ignore it
  3. fb tag will add a cookie with user data if it ever receives one, then will look into that cookie if there’s no user data in the incoming event, so yes, toggle
  4. this makes it so the tag returns 200 regardless of the request result, this can be useful in heavy-traffic container somewhat increasing the response speed to the incoming requests