Real IP is transferred to GTM?


Looking at the incoming requests it seems that the enduser IP is transferred to tag manager (but not onwards to Google Analytics). How can I prevent this from happening? I did activate anonymizer and change the server url to /anonymize.

Update: Somehow this changed now to the scaleway IP (X-Real-Ip). I changed to Anonymize (from Anonymize Smart.)

Moving back to Anonymize Smart actually also sets the scaleway IP but it’s not really smart since the IP is geolocated to Holland (and not Denmark).

GA4 work with the ip_overide event data parameter.
And not with X-Real-IP and X-Forwarded-For.

Please check Event Data and what actually send to GA4.

Inside X-Real-IP and X-Forwarded-For, you see the IPs of the Anonymizer server.

It’s the incoming data stream that contains the X-Real-Ip and for some reason it was showing the visitor IP address which obviously is not great GDPR-wise.

About the geo location - got it (that it’s the _uip parameter).

If you send a request to /anonymize in X-Real-IP you will always see the address of our server.
Because this will be the originator of the request.

If you will see that request that goes to /anonymize shows in sGTM real user IP, then please send a ticket to with the trace-id header. I will check it.