Question about user_id powerup - no ga4 hits when using it

I have in SST a variable for stape_user and its working but there is one thing i dont understand and i can reproduce it.

After adding the user:_id with this variable in sgtm in user propertys there are no new hits on GA4 anymore (only some). I have to say that most users arent logged in so i dont know if that is important.

Is there to do anything or what i am doing wrong ?

Thank you agiain for your help

Adding a parameter to GA4 has no effect on the lack of hits. How did you determine that the hits were missing? Do you check the results in GA4?

As soon as i add the stape user id under user properties in the server tag and visit the site i cannot see the page views and so on in realtime data. when i delete user_id i immedeitely see the data in realtime, i can reproduce it :wink:

Okay i got it :slight_smile: There is something going on

I made a total new GA4 property with user_id, and as you said: It is working.

But then i went into GOogle Signals Settings in the new property and activated the 2nd part (its in german, see the screenshot)

As soon as i toggle that on, the property gets empty totally. all data is away immediely

That was or is the reason …

When you toggle it off the data isn-'T coming back again.

FIrst of all i want to say that it has nothing to do with stape.
Unfortunately i have seen this video to late where another one tells that your property gets medded up when using user-id

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