Question about THANK YOU pages in GOOGLE SEARCH campaigns

Question about THANK YOU pages in GOOGLE SEARCH campaigns: If I have 5 campaigns, one for each state, and I am geofencing each campaign to each state, do I still need to setup 5 different landing pages in order to effectively steer my campaign with conversions? e.g. thanks-texas, thanks-alabama, thanks-wyoming, thanks-montana, thanks-california, etc ? Instead, if I just put one thank you page as “thank-you” is that okay in the case where I am geofenced in each campaign? I really don’t have time to create 5 separate thank you pages and configure 5 difference conversions in GTM and GA4…do I really have to do that?

No, it’s not necessary, you can use one thank you page where one conversion will work for all campaigns.

Can you share your source for this information?

There can’t be a direct source for the answer to your particular question.

Attribution of your conversions happens mostly based on the click id, which would be set in a cookie (with the help of Conversion Linker) on the landing page, to then be supplied with the conversion event on the thank-you page.

Hence if you have campaigns leading to different landing pages, the click id would be set on those landing pages and then regardless of where you fire the conversions event (so long as it’s the same domain) it would be picked up from the cookie.

Effectively this means you don’t need separate thank-you pages.