Question about blog entry cookieless ga4 tracking + firebase

Hi,i have a question regarding this blog entry

To make it easy lets take the example of the blog with the new user.

Let’s say the new user without consent is coming on a page with two events

  1. page_view
  2. view_item

In the example the cid is written to firebase at the first event (so this event gets “first visit” and “session start”

View_item would be an active user with consent.

BUT: THis only works when the cid can be read at the 2nd event and i don’t get that to work always.

Often the cid can only be read with 2nd or even 3th event but this would result into several events with first pageviews …

Is there a trick that this cannot happen? My firebase is near the server location of stape

I even tried it with the firestore restore variable but maybe i am too stupid for this variable lol

Thank you

any chance to get an tip here how the fs lookup works faster when 2 events are one the same page ?