Purchase only 302 http status code

Hi All,
I facing into a strange and annoying problem. I using sGTM to track my site. If I make a purchase, every event works well, except the purchase. The Ads conv and any other tags which uses the purchase are works well, but the GA has no purchase events. The daily GA->BQ export contains the purchase events, but I cannot see the purchases in the reports.
I can see the incoming request in the sGTM preview, it’s a quite regular request, cannot see any interesing point.

Then the response looks strange:

I’ve got HTTP response and 302 status code instead of the common 204 status code. Is anybody has an idea aboput this issue? Thank you.

It is not about the analytics_storage flag, because every purchaser gave consent to track them. The reports not using thresholding of course.

A response 302 is normal for GA.
Your problem looks strange. Have you tried using a different property? I know that there are rare cases when there can be just such bugs in the GA4 property itself.

Thank you, I will try. I’m going to coming back with the results.