Purchase Event -Server Side Container Tracking-Facebook Conversion API

Hello, I am facing an issue in setting up conversion API for the purchase events. At the web container, my purchase event is triggering and also in the server container but it is still not duplicating the event. I tried it a lot but couldn’t find a way to solve this issue.

[Google Tag Manager]

Here above is the recording link (Google tag manager) where I have shown the purchase tag and the purchase event triggered.

Anyone here can you please help me i really need help and it is urgent. Thank you


Hello, the main reason why the purchase event is not deduplicating is the error with the event ID. There might be multiple situations, and everything depends on your setup.
I suggest to use the Facebook event testing tool and check:

  1. both web and server events send event ID
  2. this event ID is identical.

I have used the same event ID which has been used for other events i.e page view, view content, add to cart.

As using the same event id for purchase so in my opinion there might not be any issue with event id.

To be 100% sure of whether or not your event IDs are correctly set up take advantage of the Facebook Event Testing tool’s ability to check all parameters seen by FB when the purchase occurs.