Proportion between client-side / server-side events

Hello there!

I’ve noticed that the events being sent to Facebook via CAPI (using GTM SS) are experiencing a significantly lower volume of server-side events compared to client-side events. Initially, the proportion was the opposite.

Whenever I check this in the debug view of GTM SS, I observe that the event is received by the server and correctly sent to Facebook. I suspected that perhaps the app engine instance was overloaded, causing some requests to be dropped. However, I recently conducted some housekeeping on that setup, and now I’m only sending about one-fifth of what was previously sent, whereas previously the proportion was as expected.

Do you have any ideas on how to identify and address this discrepancy?


When you’re seeing more server event then the web ones - that’s normally a good sign that means your server-side reporting is doing the job i.e. still passes through the server events in the absence (adblocks most likely) of web ones.

If however you’re seeing the opposite - there’s two options:

a) most likely something is just over-reporting on the web. LIke there’s another pixel implementation inline or via an integration. Or maybe some events are set up with Event Setup Tool

b) you have faults in your implementation, such not all event occurances are actually passed to the server container and/or not handled correctly in that server container