Profit conversion sGTM firing too much

Hi Stape community,

We want to have a profit conversion running besides our existing revenue conversion.

When order successful and customer gets on confirmation page we send purchase event. This purchase event triggers a SS GADS Conversion Tag which uses a variable template to get the profit value. It works like variable templates grabs ecommerce data and sends to an endpoint which does calculations based on cost prices etc. and returns the profit which is then, as told, used in the GADS tag.

Problem, grrr:
Problem is when I look at endpoint logs theres way to many requests coming in from the variable template, they don’t look incorrect but theres just way to many of them.

Could SS GTM horde up purchase events? Could purchase event be triggered by third party scripts? Can I debug better than in preview mode (I don’t see any weird stuff going on there)? Is this implementation flawed?

Thanks alot for reading this, if you have any idea to fix implementation or do otherwise, please reply.

Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

Hey @Static3047 is the lookup variable that you pull the profit with referenced only in the ADS Purchase tag or also elsewhere?

The way those async variables work, is essentially a Promise is called each time a variable is referenced. For instance if on purchase event you have 3 tags with that variable - the call to an endpoint will be done 3 times. This is just core GTM architecture.

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for replying!

I had a block which also referenced that variable which was causing the problem. Thanks for reminding me im working with promises - it works flawlessly now :slight_smile: