Problems with Stape Shopify plugins

I installed Shopify Stape Plugin, I wanted to make sure that the Plugin ran well without errors
But I face a problem.

  1. If I add a product to the shopping cart from the ollection page, the product that is added to the Event “add_to_cart” is not the product that I added on the site.
    The product that is added in the Event “add_to_cart” is the first product on Collection page

  2. If you add a product more than once to the shopping cart, a larger quantity of the product will be added to the Event “add_to_cart” than what you added to the shopping cart.

For example :
I have one product from the HP Elitebook 840 G8 in my shopping cart
I will add another piece of the same product ‘HP Elitebook 840 G8’
The number that is added in the Event “add_to_cart” is two pieces of HP Elitebook 840 G8

  1. After one week, the Event “Search” stopped working

I have a Facebook Plugin that works without errors
Please help me as soon as possible

Usually this problem is related to the way your shopping cart works. Since the plugin looks at the state of the basket.
I’m not sure what can be done here, as it is an individual problem. I would recommend to make your own custom dataLayer.push with the required events or data, you can also do this for example via the new Shopify Pixel API:

I installed the Facebook and Instagram app that I use for private pixels (’ 888109432873198 ‘) and linked my product catalog to the platform
I also installed the Google Tag Manager server-tag to collects events for another pixel (’ 274434728905984 ‘)
The problem I am facing is as follows :
The Google Tag Manager pixel (’ 274434728905984 ‘) collects data from the Facebook and Instagram app pixel (’ 888109432873198 ') and sends it to the Facebook platform

When I test Google Tag Manager, I do not find any problem. The installation is correct.
The problem is that Facebook receives the browser events twice from the same pixel as in the picture

Hello @abdo_siar not sure there’s a remedy here, it looks like your app (with 888109432873198) uses fbq(‘track’,…) and not fbq(‘trackSingle’, …) essentially making it so that any hit made with the app is sent to all initialised pixels on page. Your GTM tag (with 274434728905984) likely uses trackSingle and as such doesn’t generate extra hits to the pixel from the app integration.

You can read about this in more depth here:

If what I described above is the case, then there isn’t really anything you can do with it, unless you have access to that app’s code. So if it is the case, you should consider moving all FB tracking to GTM.